What Youve Learned About Work Life Balance From Your Parents

Work-life balance is a concept many people struggle to adhere to. It’s not always easy to make sure you’re able to put work aside so you can focus on your family and your life, but it’s entirely possible. Your parents did it, and you did learn a few things from them over the years. When you were a child, your parents had the luxury of working in a much different time than we do as adults. They weren’t perpetually connected, reachable, or working longer hours, and you probably have a few things to learn from them regarding your own work-life balance.

Work Can Wait

When you were growing up, your parents might have worked from home on occasion bringing home files from the office and spending some nights at the dining room table catching up. However, they did not always do this, they did take time for the family, and they worked scheduled hours. Take that as a lesson from your family. It’s not a problem to work from home, but it’s better to be sure you’re coming home at a specific time every day and focusing on your family during that time rather than working through your family time.

Being Present is Important

Whether your parents both worked or one stayed home with you, you probably learned something valuable as a child. You either learned having two working parents was not a problem and you turned out just fine, or you learned that you wished you had a parent home with you so you always had someone at your school events or to make your snacks when you got home. Perhaps this taught you that you wanted to stay home with your kids or you wanted to be sure your hours are scheduled so you’re able to spend quality time with your kids.

Working Odd Hours Might Work

Your parents probably worked more traditional jobs. They went to work in the morning, came home by dinner, and had nights and weekends off. Today, however, you have a bit more flexibility. You might work for yourself from home, you might telecommute, or you might work a few hours in an office during the day and then work from home when the kids are out of school. Whatever it is, you might work some odd hours to make your work-life balance work for you.

The world is different. Work-life balance is something you may have learned a few lessons about growing up, but you also have to consider it might look a bit different for you than it did for your parents. Finding the right balance depends on your family, your schedule, and what’s most important to you. What you learned from your parents has helped shape you, but that doesn’t mean it defines you.

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