Technology and Customer Service

“Things aren’t the way they were any more”, a lot of people feel this way about customer services these days. Their frustration is justified since technology is overtaking the customer care branch of several major businesses.

In the old days, you spoke to a human who was capable of empathy. Other than the shear connection, it was easier to talk to someone because they could understand you in terms of your feeling. All that has now been replaced by, the invention of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Perhaps it is not the cold AI but, they have difficulty in understanding how to use the technology. It is important to keep progressing, and the customer services have noted this.

Remote Availability

The sheer population of the customers has now become overwhelming to the customer care department. Alternatively automated system they have provided, cheaper, more efficient and easy services. The best example is the ubiquitous ATM. Though people didn’t know how to use it, it has made customer service a lot better today.

Rather than a teller at a bank, now you can use a machine to process your tasks. This makes it a lot faster than a human could be. Furthermore, these kinds of automated customer services are tireless, so they don’t make human errors.


The baking customer care helpline is a hybrid. For simpler commands, you can use the AI to navigate, however when the complexity of the task increases, we are directed to a customer care officer. Technology plays an important role in managing the huge amounts of data.

The importance of technology comes when with the increasing data that needs to be processed. The banking sector, for example, has to keep track of all their client’s data and, they have to update regularly.
Our bank transfer is happening at an unprecedented scale and magnitude, so to keep track of all this data we need a unit that can quickly process it.


The important thing about technology is that it is bound to upgrade itself. As far as how to use it goes, engineers are working on the more intuitive user interface for maximum convenience.

Finally, the “how do I use this” argument is flawed since upgrading is the way to go in the world of technology. Customer services have been improved drastically and have shifted to a more consumer-centric approach. The technology will continue to evolve, and we must adapt to it.

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